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A girl named Fatin Fatihah was born on 11th September 1994. She loves cake very much. Currently single but she doesn't care of it much because she trusts that Allah will give her someone one day. Assalamualaikum~

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Smile February 25, 2012
Hi there. It has been almost 1 month I didn't update my blog. It because I was busy doing the spbt stock. Well it kind of simple thing to do but tiresome because I have to do all of the stock in 2011. Luckily I had finished it a little bit. Thank God my teacher paid me yesterday. Next monday I have to go to school again to do another job. I don't know what job I have to do but I hope it will give me excitement haha.

Next I want to tell you that last Saturday I went to KL and I lived there about 10 days. I stayed at my sister's house and I took care of my niece. Me? Babysitter? Not for surely. Everyday I played with her and I was glad to be right her. Everytime she saw my netbook, she wanted me to open the 'Baby TV'. Almost everyday. Suddenly my netbook became sick. The screen turned white and black, something like that. It scared me because I knew that I have to bring it to the shop and the cost is expensive. Luckily my netbook became normal and I can update more and more story here.