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A girl named Fatin Fatihah was born on 11th September 1994. She loves cake very much. Currently single but she doesn't care of it much because she trusts that Allah will give her someone one day. Assalamualaikum~

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No Title January 14, 2012
Early in the morning #joking,act it was about 9 something, I washed my car #ok its dad's car. Dad asked me whether I choose to cook or wash the car. Then I decided to wash the car. Luckily the weather was very good. The clothes fully dried. 
On 12 of Jan I actived my Facebook acc. for such a longer time till the next day. I admit that I miss someone. I thought that he will online that night, so I can chatting with him, but its not like what I expected. He was not in and I was like, "What have I done? Just deactive again ur acc. because he will not be there ==' #so tragic. 

The next day, whoaaa I made new fb acc. Wait a minute, for what Im doing that. Haiiyya its silly. But maybe I can tell you the reason. New year so new facebook! Haha really annoying. I just want to have a friend that I really really know include him.

Yesterday I checked my inbox in my phone and I saw this unknown number sent message(s) to me. Yeahh it was a long long time ago, 2011 actually. I seem that number before, I felt quaint so I replied the message. Soon 1 unread message appeared on my phone. It said, "Siapa ni?" ,ok its bad. I replied "Dulu awk pernah mesej saya". The number then said, "Mane ade". Hahh I was like, If I can proof you the text that you gave to me.. ok its fine to me. Then I said "Sekarang memangla awk cakap takde. Nvm sorry for disturbing you" ..the end ==' Without thinking about anything, I went to sleep #so sleepy.