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A girl named Fatin Fatihah was born on 11th September 1994. She loves cake very much. Currently single but she doesn't care of it much because she trusts that Allah will give her someone one day. Assalamualaikum~

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Exultant January 19, 2012
Ok this is my second entry for today and you know what, I think its gonna be thunderstorm soon so I'll type as fast as I could. UNBELIEVABLE guyss! You wanna know, yapps I am listed in the 150 entrants for the contest that I just said before. I was ==' no actually I am billion happy for that. Thank God :D Anyway last evening I talked with my schoolmate about online business on fb and she's do that now. She is now sells her clothes and teddy bears in bundle and the cost around RM5-RM50. Ohh really inexpensive but why don't she do the give-away ha? If she do so,haha Im the one who will take all the things :D Bytheway, I think I should and I wish to have an online business too. Waitt what should I sell? Clothes,,my clothes? O impossible because I love my clothes but I could make handmade stuffs right? Daa that's what I want before to be a fashion designer :D Great, so shall I start tomorrow? Its too early ==' and I don't make any preparations for that. GEE I am too excited actually! In conjuction with the CNY, I would like to utter 'Happy advance Chinese New Year' to my chinese's friends :D