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A girl named Fatin Fatihah was born on 11th September 1994. She loves cake very much. Currently single but she doesn't care of it much because she trusts that Allah will give her someone one day. Assalamualaikum~

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Borders :D January 26, 2012
My eldest sister bought a new phone, it's Samsung Galaxy Note and I was like 'Ok it's really need more money to buy it ==' Not really big actually, just nicenice haha :D Yesterday I went to Kuala Lumpur to send back my sister at her home,Mutiara Damansara. Before that my family stop at The Curve. We went to Borders, it's like a bookstore, and I had some fun there. Why? I fond the surrounding there,it's look like a library and I can see this one boy sat on the floor while reading a book. And you know what, the boy is quite tall like a coconut tree haha. Gee why I am telling about the boy in this post ==' Anyway I bought a new English novel named Dark Secrets 1 written by Elizabeth Chandler :D Actually I hesitated which book I should buy. Aiyya it's because there are a lot of books and I wish I could have all of them at once. HOLUS-BOLUS :D Yahh I started to make silly joking. Anyway, I want to finish reading the book and then I could have another book by the same author if I find this story interesting. Hopefully, daa it's worthless if the book is not adventure because the price is expensive,RM33.90 Wallawehh see you next time :D