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Bollywood :D January 15, 2012
Yesterday I watched Duplicate, its Bollywood movie. Yeahh it has been a long time since I didn't watch the Hindustani movie and it was about a year maybe. How sweet that I can watch again the movie. I bet that many of you have watched this movie :D Anyway let me say something about the synopsis of the movie.
Bablu Chaudhary (Shahrukh Khan) is an aspiring cook in search of a job. He applies for an open position at a hotel, where he meets Sonia Kapoor (Juhi Chawla), who is the Banquet Manager. They are soon attracted to each other and Bablu falls in love with her. However, one day, the police arrive at his doorstep, arresting him thinking he is Manu Dada (Shahrukh Khan). When Manu learns of his duplicate, he decides to switch roles with him and kill him in order to start afresh. However, when Manu kidnaps Bablu's mother (Farida Jalal), Bablu accepts the identity of Manu in order to rescue both his mother and Sonia, who has gotten involved, too. With the help of police and Manu's girlfriend Lily (Sonali Bendre), the cook is able to rescue his dear ones and all ends well.
And you know what, I downloaded song from the movie called mere mahboob mere sanam. Yeahh I don't really know the meaning for sure. Haha ==' Bytheway I want to list all the Bollywood movie, but only the one that I love most, especially the song so that I could listen to them every day and I can sing along. Err you wish!
Last night, I received 1 notification in fb. Yeahh its kind of dream that it was from someone. Finally I can start chatting with him. Before I went to sleep, I sent a 'Good night' message to him. I felt throb with that ahh.