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A girl named Fatin Fatihah was born on 11th September 1994. She loves cake very much. Currently single but she doesn't care of it much because she trusts that Allah will give her someone one day. Assalamualaikum~

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I wish I could .. but December 17, 2011
I wish I could texting with you all day long .. but I am tired of all the stupid things.Everymonth,everyday,every hour,every minutes,every seconds I am still waiting your messages with all my patience.Truthly I am miss you so much damn.Why I should miss you?Am I missing you as a friend or other else?Should our friendship end like this way?I hope it will not happen.I'm afraid that I could not face it.Should I agree what the above picture said?Stop checking my phone,you are not going to text me.Are you mean it?If so,I will try to but if I can't,please don't do this to me.Sometimes,I wish that you would pay attention to my favourite songs because the lyrics they sing,are the words I'm too scared to say.Honestly,I'm not sure if I should keep holding to hold on to something that just keeps hurting you,but it's also stupid to let go of everything you ever wanted.

Yours sincerely,Flicious
Saturday,17 December 2011